Instax Mini 7s

Nearly a year ago I got a Fujifilm Instax Mini 7s (background: I love cameras). I found it fairly difficult to find a review or any advice on these cameras so I thought I would do my own.

The Fujifilm Instax cameras are fairly inexpensive ranging from £60 to £100 depending on the type you want. They are available at a multitude of places now a days and the prices don’t vary too much.

They are beautiful to look at and come in a variety of colours, pre-warning though the white (although beautiful) like other pale colours can get dirty fast and its not the easiest material to clean…. you’ve been warned!

The film like all instant cameras is the expensive part, especially if you are click happy, however I have get mine off amazonThere is always a wide variety to choose from and always deals to look out for.

Batteries:  You need 4 AA batteries. There is plastic tabs that will help you get them out once they are in.

I have had my camera since May 2016 and have yet to change the batteries. Whoop! 

Loading the film: This is fairly simple just load by matching the the yellow part of the film to the yellow part inside the back of the camera. You will need to take a dummy photo, this opens your film and the plastic insert comes out the top where your photos will.

Turn on: pull the camera lens, wait for the dial at the top to light up green, this means you are ready to start taking photos.

Flash: This camera flashes on all the modes, there is no way of turning this off. That said the flash will adjust depending on what mode you are in.

Modes: There are 4 modes to this camera; Indoor or Dark,  Cloudy or Shady, Fine and Clear. Fine and Clear is something that confused me at first but the ‘Fine’ mode is when its moderately sunny with a bit of cloud and ‘Clear’ is when the sun is beaming (not a cloud in the sky sort of day).

You will waste film getting used to these settings so I suggest getting a spare set of film just to have a play with.

You’ve taken a photo: Once you have taken your photo do not shake it like they do in the movies, remove it from direct sunlight, keep away from extreme temperatures (if it’s hot put it in your bag or in a shaded area and if it’s cold put it in your pocket) and finally the most exciting part… wait, it may take 5 minutes or so to fully develop.

 What to do with it: You’ve used your film and you have just loaded the new pack but you have 10 pictures loose in a bag or pocket. Do not throw away the empty pack you can re-use this (I am big on recycling).

At the top of the old pack there is a thin plastic coating, you remove it. Once you have removed it you can reinsert your pictures in the way they came out.

I would not suggest putting more than 10 in as this is all it holds in the first place.

 Accessories: Get a cover! I am a very clumsy person! Amazon offers a variety of beautiful Instax camera cases all at a reasonable price.

I got this case because I liked that you can clip off the front of the case which means you can take photos whilst the camera is still in its case.

Accessories: I got these fun colour lenses from amazon, they clip on the front of your camera and turn your photos that colour. They are a lot of fun to play with. I love the orange lens cover, it gave the photos a vintage sort of look and feel.

I have been asked on multiple occasions, ‘it’s a very nice camera. but what are you going to do with your photos?’

 My answer, whatever I want to!

Here’s some ideas though if you are stuck; Frame them, hang them, scrapbook, put them in a photo album, gift them etc. Have a look on my pinterest board for more ‘instax’ inspiration.

My advice from personal experience with the Instax 7s is just have fun with the camera and create amazing memories along the way. I know I am!

My Pros: 

– Price

– Size

– Style

– Accessories available

– Battery Life

 My Cons:

– The white is easily dirtied

– Not easy to clean

– The terms Fine and Clear

 Thank you for reading! Please feel free to leave comments and ask questions.

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New Year New Me

Now it’s that time of year again ‘New Year New Me’. We all try to change something; lose weight, inner happiness, more money, new job. Even those who don’t believe in New Years resolutions deep down want something different for that New Year ahead.

 Me? I am creating a New Years List (just things I want to start doing this year), and I am starting with this blog! Right now! I mean it has taken me a week just to get the design I want and the name I want (perfectionist) but I did it!

 I don’t quite know what I am going to be doing in the blog but I am inviting you on this journey with me.

My New Years List

– Blog

– Travel

– Cook

– Read

– Get Fit

– Create